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Stepping in to the foyer, you see it is

Carved in stone, with various gargoyles

attached to the architecture. They seem to peer

a you carefully, studying your intent.

A short red haired woman with silver eyes

steps in front of you, her face is blank, but

you can see a sparkle of wit in her eyes.

Welcome, to the Chantry of the Lake. I'm sure

You noticed Lake Norman on your travels up here.

It is a nice place, if it weren't that the lease is so

high. <smiles>

She leads you to a small table with a book upon it.

We keep a record of all our guests, in case we should

ever need the information later.

Sign in please:

You follow her to a room and look about.

The room is round with a hallway leading

Off every few feet, much like the hours of a


We built it like this. It represents the spokes

of a wheel. And to start a new journey,

one must always come back to the foyer, or the

beginning if you will.

I will leave you to your exploring, for I have

Business I must attend to.

The Study

Halls of Ritual




Store Room

Links & Rings