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You step into a round room, with a clear dome at the

ceiling, where you can see the constellations and moon shining

through its glass. There are various ritual items, a cauldron,

a sword, goblets, and incense burners. And in the center of the room,

is a large pedestal with a book open on it. You glance briefly

through the pages. Rudimentary rituals, those that are

shared with the neonates, and those that some tremere

are happy to share.


Ritual Level One


Communicate with Kindred Sire

White Wolf Book

By performing this ritual, the kindred can join minds with

their sire. Speaking telepathically, they can communicate

over any distance. For ritual to work, the caster must have an item

once owned by the one they wish to communicate with.

Caster must meditate for 30 mins to create a connection. Conversation

may be maintained for 10 per success on the activation roll.


Deflection of Wooden Doom

White Wolf Book

This ritual protects the vampire from being staked, regardless of

her active state. While this ritual is in effect, the first stake that would pierce

the tremere is destroyed, disintegrating in the attacker's hand.

The thaumaturge must surround themselves with a circle of wood for

a full hour. The circle must remain unbroken. At the end of an

hour the vampire places a wooden splinter under her tongue, but

if the splinter is removed, the spell is broken. Lasts until the next night.


Defense of Sacred Haven

White Wolf Book

This ritual prevents sunlight from entering an area within 20 ft.

A darkness surrounds the area, keeping deadly light at

its distance.

The ritual requires one hour to perform during which the

thaumaturge recites incantations and inscribes glyphs in blood

on various windows and doors or other access ways to light. One

blood point is recquired for the ritual to work.

Lasts as long as the vampire stays in the 20 ft radius.


Ritual Level Two

Fly on the Wall


This ritual enables the caster to listen in on

conversations one would other wise be

excluded from.

Thaumaturge must enchant a small object, reciting

incantations, and making a small symbol in blood on the object,

then must leave the object in the room where the conversation is too take

place. The vampire must be within 50 ft of the object

to hear the words spoken near it.

Ritual takes 1 hour to perform and costs 2 blood points.

Ritual ends as soon as the object is moved or vampire leaves the 50 ft radius.


Blood Coin

Hanse Davion of Tremere

The ritual will imbue a coin with one blood point to

be spent as needed.

The mage must sit in a circle of power drawn in blood, and

soak the coin in a container holding 1 blood point from the mage.

The coin gains a glowing reddish hue. After the ritual, the mage

can consume the coin and recover a blood point. The coin is

destroyed after it is consumed.

Ritual take 15 minutes to perform and ends once the coin

is swallowed. The ritual costs 1 blood point.

container holding 1 blood point from the mage

Rune Alert

Hanse Davion of Tremere

The thaumaturgist can create a rune that will signal

The mage when anyone passes within 15 feet of the rune.

Even obsuficated people will set it off.

The mage must paint the rune on the location that he wants to monitor

In a point of his own blood. He must then chant a ritual that

Lasts for 30 minutes. When completed the rune fades

To one shade lighter then the object it is painted on.

Ritual takes 30 mins to perform and costs one blood point.


Ritual Level 3

Damage Feedback

Christian GRYX Légaré

This holder of this rune will automatically inflict the same amount of damage

His attacker does to him. But never more then 1 pt aggravated damage.

Thaumaturgist can hold no more then three runes at a time.

If something scars the thaumaturge they will instantly lose 1 rune.

The ritual lasts until used.

Ritual takes 30 minutes to complete and costs one blood point.

The coi gains 

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