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Greetings, and welcome.

As you stand outside my humble

home, look well about you,

for we watch everything.

How else could we have

survived for so long.


Ah, but I sense you are no enemy, at

least a blatant one. But if you are,

rest assured you will not be long in hiding.

Besides, who would be foolish enough to

attack our sanctuary outright. For to interfere

with us is to invite the wrath of many.

And only the Sabbat and Tzimisce seem to be

that inane. Besides, I believe we

have a fine handle on them anyway.

Don't you agree?


So you wish to enter to know our secrets?

Be warned, you must prove yourself in many

ways before we will even part with the

most trivial. But be welcome,

and tour our halls,

We are glad of you.


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Touch the cold stone walls to enter the chantry,

your vitae will open them.


guests have passed this way...

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